Siren Flasher ZI-SS 81

Siren Flasher ZI-SS 81

After detecting the fire, the alarm systems will be activated by receiving the command from the control panel. ZITEX model ZI-SS 81 flasher siren has an extraordinary performance reliability factor by creating visual and audible warnings. The construction of the body is done using special heat-resistant ABS, and due to the use of standard materials, impact and vibration do not affect the performance of the alarm. On the back of the siren, separate terminals are provided for the entry and exit of wires, which makes the installation quick, easy and standard.
Body design and construction using specialized ABS
Possibility of wall and ceiling installation
Reverse polarity protection
Allocate enough space for the entry and exit of wires
Terminal for making standard connections
False alarm removal technology (F.A.P.)

Siren Flasher ZI-SS 81

All the metal parts used in the alarm are protected against rust by chrome plating. Protection against reverse polarity has made it possible to not damage the terminals, alarm and its circuit if the wires are connected incorrectly. One of the important advantages of this product is that it is not affected by environmental noises and electromagnetic fields, which is achieved through False Alarm Protection (F.A.P) technology.
The sound intensity and LED brightness in this flasher siren model are in accordance with the standard requirements and the product is suitable for use in indoor environments. The basis of design and production is compliance with the requirements of the national standard number 18687-3 and the international standard EN 54-3. Different climatic conditions (heat, cold, humidity and corrosive environments) do not cause a problem in the normal operation of the flasher alarm. The electronic components used in this product are designed in such a way that the sound intensity at different angles and after working for a long time does not drop and remains within the standard range.
As with all ZITEX fire alarm products, the latest machines and equipment have been used in the design, production and quality control of this product. Golden warranty and after-sales service is ZITEX’s commitment to all its products. By using the 16-digit tracking code behind the product, its authenticity can be inquired through the ZITEX Electronic Industries website.

Additional information

Design standard


Voltage range

24 ± 3 v

The current in normal mode is 24V D.C

0 A

The current in alarm mode is 24V D.C

≤ 30 mA

Frequency range

800 Hz – 970 Hz

Flashing color

Five red LEDs

Operating temperature range

-15 °C — +80 °C

Average sound level at 1 meter

100±5 dB

Functional humidity range

(Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH

Siren type

Indoor use Type A

degree of protection

IP 21 C

Body Material

Heat resistant ABS body


107 x 77 x 40 mm


80 g


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