Restaurant Fire Alarm System

Fire extinguishing equipment should be installed in all places to warn us in case of fire. If you work in a restaurant or hotel, you should know how helpful the presence of fire extinguishing equipment can be. Stay with us to introduce fire extinguishing equipment for restaurants and hotels.

Fires in restaurants usually start from the cooking area and the kitchen. Most fires are usually extinguished before they spread elsewhere. Restaurants that have fire extinguishing systems, portable fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, do not experience many fires and suffer limited damages.


How does an automatic fire extinguishing system work?

This system works automatically. After a fire breaks out in a restaurant, the restaurant’s fire alarm system discharges chemicals to extinguish the fire. Also, fire extinguishing systems automatically turn off the heat sources of the devices. After this mechanism is used, a retardant helps prevent the fire from reoccurring. Also, this system can be activated manually.

Usually, all these stations are marked with the word PULL (special key to activate fire extinguishing). The best idea is to install a metal shield around each pay station. The protective screen or box prevents accidental activation of the system. Most systems now have protection. But, these guards should be checked regularly to make sure they have such guards. Because accidental discharge can be costly.

Protecting restaurants against fire

The chemicals in these systems are used for oil fires. The chemical spray creates a foam-like liquid that will extinguish the fire. In fact, the foam keeps the fire out and allows the items to cool.

Fire fighting in the restaurant

Security is the most important issue in large spaces such as hotels and restaurants. Health and safety standards must be observed in the hotel industry or food industry, just like in other industries. But having a genuine concern for the restaurant’s firefighting equipment and the comfort of customers and workers is what separates a great hotel from a poor one.

fire alarm system

The restaurant fire alarm system should be installed and operated in restaurants, cafes and other catering businesses. Because kitchens are always at risk of fire caused by cooking equipment. As a result, it is very important to have the best firefighting equipment and take preventive measures. Electrical appliances, open flames, hot cooking equipment, potential grease fires, and cleaning chemicals are all potential sources of ignition for a deadly fire.

How to use extinguishers

Our distance from the fire is very important when extinguishing it, and we must have a proper distance from the fire so that in addition to not harming ourselves, we can also target the fire completely and extinguish it with the best quality. The highest throw of the extinguishing agent is related to the water extinguisher, which has a throw of 5 to 7 meters. After that, there is a powder extinguisher that has a throw of 3-4 meters. The important thing is that the CO2 extinguisher does not launch, and to work properly, we need to get as close to the fire as possible.

When entering any place where there is a fire, we must remember the way to enter and exit and gain a relatively complete understanding of the fire environment in order to ensure our own safety in the event of the end of the work or in the event of failure to control the fire. For this, it is necessary to keep the entrance door open.

Fire extinguishers for restaurants

To prevent fire, every restaurant and hotel must have a fire extinguisher. A class K or F extinguisher must be installed in the kitchen. Because this device is designed for kitchen fires including grease, fat and oil. Restaurants must have ABC class extinguishers for other fires such as paper, wood or electrical fires in areas other than the kitchen. In our store, all kinds of extinguishers are offered to you, dear customers, and with the help of our consultants, you can get the best option for your restaurant or hotel.

The importance of kitchen fire extinguishing system

Commercial kitchens, whether in a chain restaurant, a hotel, or a hospital cafeteria, all have the necessary ingredients for rapid fires (fat and high heat) that put people and property at risk. Equipment such as restaurant fire alarm systems are specifically designed to protect commercial kitchens from fire.

restaurant fire alarm system

fire blanket

A fireproof blanket will also be one of the essential items in your restaurant kitchen. These blankets work on pans and are a quick way to put out a fire without causing too much trouble.

Fire sprinkler system

This system reduces fire damage by 60%. These equipment extinguish the fire immediately and ensure that the fire does not spread to other dining areas.

Heat and smoke detector

A network of detectors is required throughout the restaurant. Thermal alarms are ideal for use in the kitchen. Because they are not affected by smell or steam and since they detect excessive temperature, they should not be placed near the heat source. Installing smoke alarms in other areas, such as where your customers eat, provides additional safety.

If you are still not sure what fire safety equipment you need in your restaurant or what steps you should take to ensure the safety of your staff and employees, please contact us for more information on how to keep your hotel and accommodation fire safe. Call our consultants.


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