Combined smoke and heat detector ZI-HSD 1020

Smoke and heat caused by fire are two main components for timely detection of fire. In combined smoke and heat detectors, the integration of two smoke detection and heat detection sensors increases the reliability factor and the speed and accuracy of fire detection significantly. Smoke detection in this model of detectors is done through photoelectric signal processing and ambient temperature detection in accordance with thermal class A1S (international standard EN 54-5).

  • Two-layer metallized fiberglass circuit with a layer resistant to moisture, vapors and corrosive substances
  • Production of electronic boards using modern equipment based on SMT technology
  • False alarm removal technology (F.A.P.)
  • Reflective box and environmental noise control processors to eliminate false alarms
  • Detection of ambient temperature increase in steady state (class A1S) according to EN 54-5 standard

In order to carry out standard and correct wiring and connections, double elevator terminals and sufficient space behind the detector are provided. Protection against reverse polarity and chrome plating of all metal parts to prevent rust are important features of these detectors. Beauty in design and use of specialized ABS in body construction to withstand shocks, vibrations and voltage fluctuations, lockable smoke chamber and dust protection filter are unique features of this product.

SMT technology has been used to assemble components on double-layer metallized fiberglass circuits. The work coating with a layer resistant to moisture and corrosive materials has made this product capable of working in the worst climatic conditions. Specialized programming, the use of reflective boxes and professional processors have made ZITEX not have false alarms or faults.

The product design and production standard is based on the requirements of national standards 3708, 3709 and 3710 and international standards EN 54-5, 7. Design, production and quality control are done with the latest and most advanced machines and laboratory equipment. Golden warranty and quick and available hardware and software after-sales service give additional assurance to the consumer.

Additional information

Circuit manufacturing technology


Design standard

EN 54-5 , EN 54-7 , and ISIRI 3708 , 3709 , 3710

Voltage range

12-32 V D.C.

The current in normal mode is 24V D.C

≤50 μA

The current in alarm mode is 24V D.C

≤20 mA

Operating temperature range

-15 °C — +80 °C

Functional humidity range

(Non-condensing) 0% — 95% RH (no condensation)

Alarm temperature

60°C ± 3°C

Sensitivity to smoke (standard permissible range)

0.15 dB/m (0.05 — 2dB/m)

Duration of initial setup

5 Sec

The area of the covered area

According to EN 5839

degree of protection

IP 40

Ability to see LEDs

۳۶۰ °

LED operation in normal mode

Flashing Green

LED function in alarm mode

Fixed Red

Wiring without remote


Wiring with remote


Body Material

Heat resistant ABS body


98 x 58 mm


157 g


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