fire alarm devices distributor in middle east

fire alarm devices distributor in middle east

Fire alarm devices distributor in middle east

Fire alarm equipment refers to a set of electronic equipment that are responsible for detecting fire and fire location in different places. HRD Fire Alarm Center is a distributor of fire alarm devices in the Middle East with several years of successful experience.

The fire alarm system, when there is fire, smoke, heat, etc., starts to work and activates the siren or the flashing light and warns the residents of the place to prepare extinguishing operations accordingly. fire and evacuation of people and residents in critical situations and control scenarios should be carried out at the same time.

Types of Fire alarm equipment

There are two types of fire alarm equipment, manual and automatic.

Manual Fire alarm

It is a system that does not include an automatic detector and the alarm is only initiated manually by a human. All buildings that have an automatic fire alarm system must also have manual fire alarm equipment.

Automatic Fire alarm system
Automatic Fire alarm system

Automatic Fire alarm system

An automatic fire alarm system is a system that has a series of sensors that are sensitive to one or more products and is automatically activated when they are detected. The automatic fire alarm system includes two local and central systems.

Local automatic fire alarm equipment (individual)

This system is such that an alarm is installed on the detectors. Local detectors must have a lifespan of 5 years and a suitable battery for use.

Central automatic Fire alarm equipment

These equipment have a central panel and the detectors deliver the signal to the panel and the panel to the sirens, etc. HRD Fire Alarm Center is a fire alarm devices distributor, with quality products and after sales services, it has been able to find an excellent position and a good name in the field of fire alarm products sales.

HRD company is ready to provide services to you by selling fire alarm equipment in different brands with superior quality and reasonable price. HRD fire alarm center, as a fire alarm devices distributor, has committed staff with academic education in the field of fire fighting and fire alarm and extinguishing.

Purchase of Fire alarm equipment

Nowadays, buying fire alarm equipment is one of the necessities of new commercial, office and residential buildings. Because saving human life and property has always been a priority. You can contact HRD company to buy fire alarm equipment and inquire about the price.

The main equipment of the fire alarm system

Each system in each work area has its own equipment. The fire alarm system also has specialized equipment, each of which has a specific task. The main equipment of the fire alarm system are:

  • detector
  • chassis
  • Alarms or sirens
  • flasher
  • Central control panel
  • Power supply

Additional equipment of the fire alarm system

In addition to the main equipment, the fire alarm system includes auxiliary equipment such as converters and relays, short-circuit separators, cables and distribution boxes, etc. Of course, fire alarm systems require different accessories depending on the manufacturer and the type and series of the fire alarm system. The generality of fire alarm systems is the same, but

With the advancement of fire alarm technology, they have also developed and, in addition to their main task, they provide superior facilities for greater protection of human life and property. These features include the following:

  • Automatic lighting of exit signs for easier and faster exit of people from the building
  • Automatic closing of building valves
  • Automatic opening of exit doors of the building
  • Shutting down the air conditioning systems and…
  • Types of fire alarm system
  • local fire alarm systems (home)
  • Conventional (conventional) automatic fire detection and notification systems
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems with addressing capability

fire alarm devices distributor with the highest quality

Today, due to the extreme fluctuations in currency prices in the market, it is not possible to register a fixed price for any product. But, dear ones, you can get the bulk price of fire alarm equipment as well as the price of individual fire alarm and extinguishing products and get the price list of fire alarm systems from the consultants and specialists of HRD Fire Alarm Center.

For the bulk purchase of fire alarm equipment, consulting, design, sales, architecture, implementation, maintenance of automatic and non-automatic safety systems, fire alarm and extinguishing, contact the consultants of HRD company. The goal of HRD Fire Alarm Center, as a distributor of fire alarm devices with the highest quality, is to provide the best fire alarm systems.

Beautiful design, good quality and reliable equipment, having the approval of the fire department, having a guarantee and after-sales service and cheap price have made HRD Company to provide the best fire alarm products to our dear customers.


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