Fire alarm system specialist

Fire alarm refers to a set of processes that work to identify fire signs in time and also warn people through visual and auditory signals. The purpose of installing a fire alarm system is to quickly inform the residents of the building and provide immediate assistance to evacuate the premises. Fire alarm systems are vital for the safety of buildings and industrial sites.

In industrial environments, there are many flammable materials that may cause fires. In general, the fire detection system plays an important role in protecting people’s lives and property with early detection and notification of fires. These systems have the ability to detect smoke, heat and other possible signs of fire and provide quick warning for fire notification.

Fire alarm system specialist

It is necessary to use fire alarm systems in residential buildings, commercial spaces, industrial facilities and public spaces. Because it significantly contributes to the safety of people and the protection of their valuable assets.

Fire prevention includes the measures and systems that are used to prevent and control fires with the aim of minimizing casualties and property damage. A fire alarm system, also known by titles such as fire detection system or fire notification system and fire detection system, is a part of any fire protection strategy.

Consulting for the design of a fire alarm system

Choosing the type of fire alarm system in a space depends on various parameters. Choosing the type of brand and determining the number of devices required to be deployed on site, requires the evaluation of an experienced fire alarm system expert. One of the services of the Fire Alarm Center (Rostad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group) is to send a fire alarm system expert to various places to provide consulting services in the field of designing and installing an optimal fire alarm system to respected employers.

The necessity of the Fire alarm system specialist

In the explanations provided by the employer to the designer of fire alarm systems, the basic needs of the environment are specified. The initial possibility of estimating the fire alarm system does not necessarily require the dispatch of a fire alarm system expert. However, in order to have a precise, optimal and standard design of a fire alarm system and its full implementation, the presence of experts is necessary.

What is the purpose of visiting and dispatching a Fire alarm system specialist?

The purpose of dispatching a fire alarm system expert and visiting a project is to examine the environment conditions from different angles, find the limits of the use of detectors, find the limits of the fire alarm system and assess the need for the use of additional alarm systems. In some fire alarm projects, even though design engineers are present in the project, they may still need to consult with a Fire alarm system specialist.

In these cases, our fire alarm experts can help you by phone or in person. Despite the general guide for the installation and operation of fire alarm equipment, in many cases the design engineer is not present in the project and the concern of employers, from the owner of a production unit to the owner of a warehouse, is to increase the safety of their work environment against fire incidents.

The Fire Alarm Center (Rastad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group) with several years of experience in supplying fire alarm products and participating in large projects, comes to the aid of employers with sufficient knowledge and experience to advise the design of fire alarm systems. Whether by providing off-site services or by sending an expert, we try to offer you the most appropriate choice in terms of cost and efficiency among the various implementation methods. In the initial contact with the employer, we give him an estimate of the cost of the fire alarm equipment. Then, after the initial cost estimate, if needed, the fire alarm system specialist will be present at the project site.

How to send a Fire alarm system specialist?

The fire alarm center (Rostad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group) has many years of professional activity in the field of selling fire alarm equipment approved by the fire department. Dispatch the fire alarm at the place.

Fire alarm system specialist

Competitive advantages of the company (Rastad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group)

  • Providing quality products based on modern technology and at the lowest cost
  • Utilizing a professional and efficient team to provide quality services
  • Establishing bilateral interactions with reputable domestic and foreign companies
  • Using modern knowledge and expertise that is equal to international standards.
  • Taking advantage of the experiences of successful companies
  • Providing the best operational solutions in projects

According to the national building regulations, the fire detection and alarm system is mandatory for some structures. Therefore, in order to obtain fire approval for several structures, the owners must install the mentioned system through the fire and safety company approved by the fire department.

(Rastad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group) as one of the leading companies in this field, provides consulting, training, design, engineering, supply and procurement, installation and implementation, and maintenance services in this field.

At present, the company (Rastad Energy Lian Company, Arat Technical and Engineering Group) is proud to provide the best and most suitable services to its customers in this field by benefiting from the experience and ability of the human force and using the technology and standards of the world. Gives. Also, if needed, the Fire alarm system specialist provides practical and useful information to his clients to prevent possible risks and tries to answer all their needs comprehensively.


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