What is a fire detection control panel?

The fire detection control panel is very suitable for use in medium and small environments. This panel has an extinguishing zone and 3 notification zones. The fire extinguishing operation in this panel can be done manually or programmed. If the panel is set to execute the extinguishing operation in a programmed way, the user can set the extinguishing operation in such a way that the panel performs the extinguishing operation by activating the system’s internal inputs such as detectors.

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Fire detection control panel is one of the most critical equipment in fire extinguishing systems, which is used to monitor and control fire extinguishing operations in different buildings and places. As a control center, this panel has information about the occurrence of fire, its location, the status of fire extinguishing devices and equipment.

The main tasks of the fire detection control panel

fire detection

This panel has the ability to detect fire using sensors and fire extinguishing devices connected to it. This diagnosis can be done based on smoke, temperature rise, toxic gasses and other signs of fire.


After fire detection, the fire detection control panel automatically or manually activates various alarms. These alerts may include activating sirens, sending special signals, LED displays, or exchanging information with fire alarm systems in the building.

Control of fire extinguishing devices

The fire detection control panel is capable of activating various fire extinguishing devices such as sprinkler systems, gas cooling devices and automatic fire extinguishers.

Monitoring and surveillance

The fire detection control panel is usually equipped with graphic displays that show the status of the fire extinguishing equipment. These displays send operators the information they need to make the right firefighting decisions.

Connection to fire alarm systems

The fire detection control panel is able to connect to the fire alarm systems and send fire-related information to them so that the people who are in the central location or relevant stations can quickly take the necessary actions. In general, the fire detection control panel is one of the vital elements in fire extinguishing systems that ensure the safety and protection of people and places against fire.

The main part of the fire alarm system is the control panel. The fire detection control panel is responsible for coordinating all the components and performs information processing and decision making. In the control center of the fire alarm system, all the work is done by microprocessors.

How it works?

After pressing or hitting the fire alarm button or activating one of the detectors, a short circuit is created, and then the electronic circuit is activated, and after the command to the relays, the alarm is activated and the fire alarm is activated. will be

Note, a short circuit will trigger a fire alarm. However, a complete connection will result in an error message in the system. In other words, the fire alarm control center receives information from equipment such as detectors and sensors, and after detecting the occurrence of a fire, it gives the command to fire alarm, flasher and flasher siren.

Types of control panel (control center) of fire alarm system

Because the fire alarm system exists in three types of conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system and wireless fire alarm system, the fire alarm control center also has three types of conventional fire detection control panel, addressable fire detection control panel and control panel. Wireless fire detection panel is available. In the following, we will examine the types of control panels of the fire alarm system.

Conventional fire detection control panel

These control panels are among the most basic fire alarm systems. In conventional systems, equipment is installed in a zoning manner. The wiring of all the equipment is connected to the control panel and when there is a fire, the zone that has an accident is determined. However, the area (section) of the incident is not precisely defined. Conventional fire alarm control center is classified according to zone as follows:

  • single zone
  • Two zones
  • four zones
  • Six zones
  • Eight zones
  • sixteen zones
  • twenty zones
  • four zones
  • Thirty two zones

In some cases, the number of zones can be increased by adding an electronic card.

Addressable fire detection control panel

The control panel of the addressable fire alarm system is more advanced than the control panel of the conventional fire alarm system. In the central addressable fire alarm system, all the equipment is placed on one circuit and their wiring is in the form of a ring. In the addressable fire alarm control center, the exact address of the area or part affected by the fire is specified, and this helps to prevent the spread of the fire a lot.

The control panel or the central fire alarm device is divided according to the loop as follows:

  • Single loop addressable
  • Double loop addressable
  • Four to eight loop addressable

Wireless fire detection control panel

As you know, in the wireless fire alarm system, wires are not used and radio waves are used for data transmission. So it can be said that the wireless fire alarm control center is used in places where wiring is not possible due to the old structure.

fire detection control panel

Fire detection control panel installation location

The fire alarm control center should be installed in a place where the possibility of fire is less. Also, it should be placed in a well-lit environment. In some cases, emergency power must be used for this system. Also, the installation location of the fire detection control panel must have proper access to the stairs.

The fire alarm control center is usually installed near the entrance door so that it can be easily seen by the residents and fire brigade officers. It is better to install the fire alarm control center in the guard room, warehouses, and hotel reservations. In public and large places such as hospitals, dormitories, chain stores, where the announcement of public danger causes panic.

The control panels are installed in a special room with a guard, and from there, other departments are informed to evacuate the building by telephone, bell and other fire alarm equipment. The fire detection control panel should be protected by a smoke detector installed at a height of 1.8 to 2 meters from the ground.


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