fire alarm cables manufacturer in Middle East

fire alarm cables manufacturer in Middle East

fire alarm cables manufacturer in Middle East

The fire alarm cable is considered a very important factor in the fire alarm system. Each of the fire alarm cables is designed in a completely unique way. For example, the term LSOH, which is considered very important, is related to the two parameters of low smoke and no halogen killer gas. Fire alarm cables have Halogen Free properties, which do not contain these toxic gasses and halogens.

The foils used in fire-resistant cables are usually available in copper and aluminum models, and the use of foil in the cable makes it more flexible.

HRD Fire Alarm Center produces fire alarm cables in the Middle East in accordance with European standards and the regulations of the fire department, including various types of low pressure and medium pressure cables, cables Command cables, fire and sound alarm system cables, cables parking lot exhaust and smoke control systems, control shield cables, fire alarm cables manufacturer, cables Ceramifiable products are made using the latest technical knowledge in the world.

Important points when buying a fire alarm cable
Important points when buying a fire alarm cable

Important points when buying a fire alarm cable

When buying a fire alarm cable, you should pay attention to the following points:

low smoke

Pay attention that the fire alarm cable must be of low smoke type. Cable silicone should generally include very high quality raw materials.

Flame retardant property

If a poor quality cable is used, the fire will spread more and more and damage the whole building. Cables must have flame retardant properties and be extinguished in some way. Also, it is very important that flames do not spread along the cabling path.

Being fireproof

It should be noted that parts such as the power supply and sirens, which are usually located on the outside, must be protected against fire and special covers are needed for them. Fireproof cables have a certain integrity and have special compounds. In fact, fire resistance is very important.

No toxic gasses

Usually, one of the dangers that occurs during a fire is suffocation due to the presence of toxic gasses. The fire alarm cable must be free of any type of toxic gas.

Shield quality

The fire alarm cable must be designed so that ambient noise does not have any negative effect on the cable. Therefore, a special foil covering is applied on the cables, which eliminates possible noises. The drain wire should be of suitable size and in case of leakage, the current should be transferred to the ground to prevent fire.

HRD fire alarm center, fire alarm cables manufacturer

HRD Fire Alarm Center is a manufacturer of fire alarm cables in the wire and cable industry, with a long history in this industry and obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Providing the best possible quality is one of the main goals of this leading group in the wire and cable industry. Having a long history, with a good name and a brilliant history in the industry, HRD Group has been one of the main success factors of this company as a producer of high quality fire alarm cables.

HRD company’s products are in accordance with national and international standards and provide the best quality products and widely meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets with the highest quality and compatible with the customer’s goals. slow

Technical specifications of fire alarm cables

  • Operation in the temperature range: 60 to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Rated voltage: 300 to 500 volts
  • Test voltage: 2000 volts
  • Halogen-free: IEC 60754-2
  • Low smoke: IEC 61034-2
  • Flame resistance: IEC 60332-1
  • Fire resistance: IEC 60331-11
  • Fire test according to standard: BS 6387
  • Resistance to water and fire

With more than 10 years of successful experience, HRD Fire Alarm Center is a provider of the highest quality wire and cable products. During this time, HRD’s prestigious collection has been able to meet some of the needs of projects and industrial units by upgrading its production lines.

Why HRD fire alarm center

Obtaining the approval of the fire department and international approvals

Choosing the highest quality and most affordable type of wire and cable is the common concern of today’s respected buyers. This company is the best producer of fire alarm cables with high quality raw materials. As a fire alarm cables manufacturer, we are able to design and produce a special cable that meets your specific needs.

We are now stronger and more determined to serve our valued customers. The sales team of HRD company, having expert engineers in this field, declares its full readiness to supply cables for your small and big projects. The great team of HRD Fire Alarm Center is with you, dear customers, in all phases of consultation, selection, purchase and after-sales service.


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